Meet Dr. Nadiya Khan

Dr. Nadiya Khan is a gentle, caring dentist. She balances the usage of advanced technology within her practice while always putting her patient's values first. Aside from her knowledge and skills within the domain, what sets Dr. Nadiya apart is her ability to develop a warm and trusting relationship with her patients. She is committed to educating patients on all aspects of their oral health, keeping only what is best for them in mind.

Dr. Nadiya was born into a family of doctors in Ukraine. From an early age, Dr. Nadiya displayed innate talent and passion for art. As she grew older, her parents caught wind of her artistic aptitude, motivating them to have her enroll in art school.

As stated by the doctor herself, "My parents' passion for improving lives in the medical field, coupled with my great love of art, inspired me to pursue a career in Dentistry. I couldn't ask for a profession that better aligns with my personality".

Dr. Nadiya completed National Medical University of Ukraine, dental major in 2009 and NYU school of dentistry in 2014, finishing as valedictorian and achieving high honors in both programs.

Attending NYU, Dr. Nadiya was selected for the "Patient With Disabilities" honors program, where she learned how to manage severely medically compromised patients.

Additionally, Dr.Nadiya completed a one-year general dentistry residency at the VA hospital of Lyons, where she received extensive training in complex cases such as : full mouth reconstruction, estetic cases,prosthesis. She also gained a great confidence of performing teeth extractions and root canal treatment.

Her commitment to lifelong learning is highlighted by her growing catalog of higher education with advanced training in cosmetic, restorative, surgical, implant, and pediatric dentistry. Furthermore, Certification in Invisalign ensures that Dr.Nadiya will help her patients achieve the perfect smile.

She is an active member of numerous dental organizations:

  • American Dental Association
  • New Jersey Dental Association
  • Middlesex Dental Society
  • Academy of General Dentistry

While residing in North Brunswick, the doctor enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. She loves traveling, skiing, and hiking.

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